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Summer League 2002 - Week 13 Report
The 13th week of the Monday Night League bought some better scores than the previous two weeks but still well short of those seen earlier in the league.  Leading the way was Gowks' Rene Murray with a 614 series.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 12 Report
For the second week running the scoring in the Monday Night League was unfashionably low and, once again, only one bowler, Gutterlevel's Linda Clarke, broke the 200 pin barrier with a 245 game.  She also achieved a 625 series - the best female game and series of the league so far.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 11 Report
Something was definately different as week 11 of the Monday league produced this session's worst crop of scores.  Whether the teams were struggling to get to grips with the freshly oiled lanes or there were other forces at work, but hitting a single pin with the first ball was also quite prevalent in the early matches.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 10 Report
Strange statistics from week 10 of the Monday Tenpin League include the number of splits gained and the relatively low scoring compared with previous weeks.  While many bowlers escaped with just a few splits, Hitmen & Her must have felt rather hard done by as they accumulated over a third of the total from the whole night.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 9 Report
As the Monday Night League entered the home straight, high scores were still being thrown and the evening air was filled with over 150 strikes.   In the first match Hitmen and Her were drawn against Papa's Kids with the first two games being very closely fought.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 8 Report
At the midway point of the Monday Night Summer League the recent run of high scoring games was smashed by a a three-game scratch series of 621 which is going to be difficult to beat.   The games, a 251, 229 and 189 which total 669, were all bowled in the first match between Hitmen & Her and Gowks.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 7 Report
Despite the heat, week 7 of the Monday Night League provided yet more high scores and some very close games.   First up was Gowks versus Wasters.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 6 Report
Monday night saw yet more records being broken.  It contained the first 20 - 0 scoreline (albeit against the vacancy scores) and a staggering fourteen 200+ games (including two 600+ total pin series).  
Summer League 2002 - Week 5 Report
Whether due to the heat or the long Jubilee Weekend, the 5th round of the Monday Night Tenpin League bought yet another crop of good scores with last week's nine 200+ games topped by one this week.   In match one, Papa's Kids played Hitmen & Her and between them managed to produce half of the night's 200+ totals.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 4 Report
Round 4 of the Monday Night Tenpin League saw the number of 200+ games almost hitting double figures.   The first of these came from Roddy Bremner of Hitmen & Her with a 204 game as they did battle with Gowks - his team comfortably taking all the first game points.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 3 Report
Monday night signalled the last round prior to most bowler's handicaps re-establishing and some good performances were on offer.   The first match saw Gowks take on Papa's Kids in a cat-and-mouse game which resulted in a 10-10 draw.  
Summer League 2002 - Week 2 Report
The second evening of the Monday Night League saw the majority of bowlers settling back into a steady rhythm with generally average results.   The first battle fell between Hitmen & Her and Wasters.  
Caithness Office Supplies Darts PairsThumbnail for article : Caithness Office Supplies Darts Pairs
Gents Winners.  Alex Mackay / Richie Byrne (Francis Street Club Wick).  
Summer League 2002 - Week 1 Report
Monday night saw the start of the Summer Tenpin Bowling Leagues with the new computer animations causing much amusement amongst the bowlers.   The first match found Papa's Kids taking on Gutterlevel and, despite a few closely fought individual points, Gutterlevel managed a 15 to 5 point win, with new team member Dave McGillvray putting in a solid performance.  
Tyred Out
Billy Hamilton and Suzanne Hossack contested the DCC Ingliston Single Stage Tarmac Rally last weekend in the MSIS Opel Kadett.   They travelled down the 250 mile journey with their service crew consisting of Kevin Hamilton, Jackie McNeill, Davie Chisholm and June McNeill on Catering.  
Cowie Shield Annual Bowling CompetitionThumbnail for article : Cowie Shield Annual Bowling Competition
The Campbell Cowie Shield is an annual competition between Wick Indoor Bowling Club and Wick Dounreay Indoor Bowling Club The winners this year were Mr & Mrs Frank McKellan and the runners up were Mrs V McNab and Mrs Jean Taylor.  (pictured) .  
Wick Junior Badminton Annual ChampionshipsThumbnail for article : Wick Junior Badminton Annual Championships
The names of Overall Club Championship Shield Winners are - Boys singles Kevin McGee Boys Doubles, Kevin & Derek Falconer Girls Singles Lorraine Sinclair Girls Doubles Lorraine & Aileen Allan Mixed Doubles, Kevin & Aileen.  
Ashes triumph over The Pathetic SharksThumbnail for article : Ashes triumph over The Pathetic Sharks
Ashes triumph over The Pathetic Sharks (formally Co-op) in RMC Challenge Trophy.   A sizable crowd turned out at Naver on Wednesday to see Ashes F.C.  
Caithness United Under 12's VictoriousThumbnail for article : Caithness United Under 12's Victorious
Caithness Utd under 12's team from Sunday.  They beat Elgin 4-2 at Thurso.  
Caithness Amateur Sevens Football League - Week 18
Week 18 and last week of the RMC sponsored football league and the headlines are It's snow joke as Champions Ashes check out in style.   The games went ahead last night after teams agreed to finish the league despite the atrocious weather conditions as snow hit Naver last night.