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Caithness Tora-Kai Karate Club Kata & Kumite Competition

16th April 2013

Photograph of Caithness Tora-Kai Karate Club Kata & Kumite Competition

On Saturday 6th April 2013, Karate students from across the County took part in the clubs annual Kata & Kumite Competition in Wick Assembly Rooms. Competitors ranged in ages and grades from 6 year old beginners to adult brown and black belts. The event provided a welcome break for club members who have recently been training for the upcoming grading examinations to be held in May this year. It is hoped to organise a special event next year to mark the clubs 30th anniversary.

There were two main events for each age category. Kata (or formal) training, and Kumite (sparring). Kata is one part of the syllabus practised in the Japanese Martial Art, where the individual completes a series of prearranged fighting sequences. Kumite is where individuals demonstrate their ability to respond to attack and defence techniques.

There were 3 age groups in both the Kata and Kumite sections of the competition: 6 -9 years, 10 13 years and senior (over 18). There were also trophies for best junior girl, best junior boy and a cup for best overall competitor.

The medal winners in each section were:
6 9 years
1st Tyler McLeod-Taylor
2nd Will Bullen
3rd Beth Mackay

10 13 years
1st Chloe Walker
2nd Kieran Chard
3rd Cameron Halle

1st Michael Bullen
2nd Steven Smith
3rd Tony MacPhee

6 9 years
1st Tyler McLeod-Taylor
2nd Will Bullen
3rd Beth Mackay

10 13 years
1st Kieran Chard
2nd Cameron Halle
3rd Chloe Walker

1st Darren MacKay
2nd Kimberley Ritchie
3rd Michael Bullen

The trophy winners were:
Best junior girl went to Chloe Walker
Best junior boy went to Tyler McLeod-Taylor
Best overall competitor cup went to Kieran Chard

The photo shows all the medallists and trophy winners along with the Thurso and Wick clubs instructors and senior grades who organised and judged the competition.

Anyone wishing more information about the club should contact Michael Tait on 01955 605865


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