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Wick Coastal Rowing Club

Photograph of Wick Coastal Rowing ClubThe Club’s Constitution was formally adopted at a meeting held in the Old Herring Mart, Wick Harbour on 31 August 2012.

How will the Project benefit our Community?

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 16; formally constituted groups with younger members will be welcomed as group members.
Membership will foster and encourage inter-generational teamwork.
A sense of identity will be established within the community.
Create healthy competition both within the Club and between other coastal rowing clubs, both within and outwith Caithness.
Preserve & reinforce our boatbuilding and maritime heritage and encourage a resurgence in traditional boatbuilding skills.
Promote health and wellbeing – fitness for all ages.
Rowing teams will be formed from all age groups with male, female and mixed teams competing.
Younger members will be encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility and commitment, both to themselves and to others.

Background to Scottish Coastal Rowing
Until the 1950’s there were many rowing and sailing regattas around the Scottish coast, but they have mostly ceased. The Scottish Coastal Rowing Project was initiated by the Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther, Fife, who recognised the many benefits of re-introducing inter-community rowing. The aim of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project is to provide a relatively inexpensive entry to the sport by using a purpose designed boat (the St Ayles Skiff) which can be built by the communities who will be rowing the boats, rather than buying completed boats from professional boatbuilders.
The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association was formed in May 2012 and presently there are 28 Scottish clubs who have built or are currently building a total of 50+ skiffs. The nearest clubs to Caithness are Helmsdale (one skiff launched), Ullapool (three skiffs launched), Achiltibuie (one skiff launched) and Hoy, Orkney (one skiff under construction). New clubs are being formed throughout Scotland and the clubs regularly hold practices, regattas and meetings. Hundreds of people new to these activities have enjoyed the teamwork required to build and race these craft. As well as making new friends within their communities, participants meet and learn about other communities who are participating in the sport, many of which share a common maritime heritage.

The boats will be constructed at the Wellington Centre, Wick

Postal Address
Wick Coastal Rowing Club
Wellington Centre

News for Wick Coastal Rowing Club

Wick Coastal Rowing Club Off To A Great StartThumbnail for article : Wick Coastal Rowing Club Off To A Great Start
One of the newest clubs in Caithness has got off to a great start.   Wick Coastal Rowing club has bounded on to the stage in the latter half of 2012.  

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