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What Would We Do In A World Without Football

18th March 2020

Published in the Scottish Review w today 18 March 2020.

What Would We Do In A World Without Football by Gerry Hassan.

What do we do we in this strange world, facing so many unexpected challenges - including being without football? For some, this will be a welcome respite, but others will be bereft and lost in how they fill their time and understand life. Given the reach of the game across the globe, this is no arcane and marginal matter.

The temporary cancellation of all football matches - in England until 4 April for now and in Scotland until further notice - raises huge issues including practical questions such as what happens with incomplete seasons across Europe and the world, and what is the future for a sport which has morphed into an extension of a not very attractive arm of unsustainable global capitalism?

Then there is football and the media.

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