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East Caithness Community Sport Hub Notes

13th March 2019

From Kirsty Baird - Community Sport Hub Officer.

Thanks very much for coming to last week's meeting, please see the notes attached, I'll be following up on my action points as soon as possible.

Reminder - 2019 club profile for sportscotland and governing bodies monitoring and the 2019 club affiliation to the East Caithness Community Sport Hub. This form allows us to report back to sportscotland to monitor the impact of the project and plan for the future and showcase to our funding partners and to the Scottish Government. The profile reporting includes providing data on club membership and coach numbers:


First Aid in Wick this Saturday 16th March 2019, 10am-4.30pm at

The course costs £76.80 or £38.40 if your club is registered to the hub (I will be paying 50%).

East Caithness Community Sport Hub -


PE Classroom, East Caithness Community Facility



Kirsty Baird, Community Sport Hub Officer

Michael Tait, Caithness Tora-Kai Karate Club

John Scobbie, Youth Group, Wick High School

Sebastian Sandecki - PE, Wick High School

Grace Campbell, Elise Lyall School of Dance

Lyn Cormack, Elise Lyall School of Dance

Chester Henry, Wick Amateur Swimming Club

Angela Gunn, Apex Gymnastics

Aileen Simmonite, Active Schools Coordinator


Alan Larnach, Facilities

Derek Shearer, East End FC; and Caithness United FC

Community Sport Hub:

Club updates

Caithness Tora-Kai Karate Club :

Club going well, issues with cost/space of Assembly hall space, needing new space for booking grading - could use East Caithness Facility. Concerns of growing prices, and janitor fees. Kirsty will speak to area facilities manager regarding prices. Other needs - in safe hands, first aid info below.

Elise Lyall School of Dance:

Organisation going well, but the club funding difficult for travel to and from competitions - see funding section below. Kirsty happy to assist with any funding applications. Minibus training might be an option to reduce costs, Kirsty will talk to outdoor education who delivers MiDAS training (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme), to see if it's possible to have training in the area.

Wick Amateur Swimming Club

130 members, club doing well, issues are with swimming pool fees/costs as regular bookers. Kirsty again will speak to area facilities manager regarding prices. Swimming/Facilities to have discussions before club year starts to project appropriate costs of memberships.

Apex Gymnastics

Angela still liaising with local councillors regarding extra storage space for gymnastics equipment. Angela to speak with Alan regarding liability of new equipment - who would be in charge or setting up/taking down equipment etc. further discussions to hold there. Angela will keep us updated on talks with local councillor too.

Youth Group

Looking for more info about the CSH. After discussion we thought the youth group could work to deliver leadership in collaboration with Keith/Aileen on the young leaders programme. Kirsty will put John in touch with Elizabeth McDonald to learn more about the programme and work with Aileen/Keith to get the young people registered/risk assessed.

John also wondered about old BMX track in Wick, Kirsty to investigate this further.

Ongoing/Previous Issues:


Large focus on storage issues at previous hub meetings, Angela/Seb had discussions, unfortunately no further room available for gymnastics equipment at this venue due to school/facilities/other club usage. Angela ongoing with additional storage with council/above, but may need to source another venue if not appropriate for the club.

Derek from East End and Caithness United also having storage issues, Seb has offered similar size small storage shed at the school end of the astro next to the new PE department. If there's any other clubs unable to take equipment home/back each week please get in touch with Kirsty.

Future Showcase event, sports fair etc.:

Brief discussions were had about potentially hosting a sports fair to showcase the clubs going on in the area. In other areas they have based it during the day for 1st/2nd year groups. John suggested this might be good for transition days for primary 7s. Other areas are basing it around an event for example Tain's Try-Tri event at the weekend. Katie is back from maternity and will be taking over from April; this is something Katie/Aileen/Seb can take forward.

East Caithness identified needs:


First Aid course arranged in Wick - March 16th, 50% off for sport hub members (£76.80 to £38.40), full day course.

In Safe Hands – date being organised for April, we will get it to you ASAP.

For any other courses look at the HLH website on the coaching calendar:


As discussed as the hub there are various pots of money out there, if anyone needs support in writing funding applications, Kirsty can support this, and any sport Scotland applications can have further assistance from our partnership manager. Often joint club and community applications are received well from funders, so if anyone has any particular community funding needs that would benefit several users the hub could help facilitate this.

Highland Council Grants - Ward Discretionary Fund

Ward Manager Alex Macmanus

Caithness House

Market Place



Telephone: 01955 608201


Coach Education Grants

High Life Highland's (HLH) Coach Education Grants have been established to support voluntary sports coaches and leaders, living and coaching within Highland.  Grants will be awarded to volunteers who have shown commitment, a willingness to learn and have contributed to sport in the Highlands.  Grants are awarded to provide opportunities to further develop and grow your coaching skills.

Funding is available to contribute to course costs, travel and accommodation (limits apply).

The Coach Education Grants can be used to help fund a variety of course types available depending on your experience and knowledge as a coach.


National Governing Body Introductory courses e.g. Badminton Leaders, Hockey Leaders, Basketball Getting Started, Shinty Foundation, Netball Getting Started, Football Level 1 etc.

Health & Wellbeing courses – Jog Leaders, Walking Leader etc.

Non UKCC Sports – Archery, Athletics, Football, Golf etc.

UKCC courses.

More info and to apply

Next meeting:


Katie Matthews will be back from maternity in the next few weeks and will be arranging the next meeting then:

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