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Physical activity is good for you

17th September 2018

A research study published in the Lancet reports that physical activity can have a significant impact on mortality rates. The findings will come as a surprise to almost no one but the study, which is the first to explore the relationship between heart disease and physical activity in nations of differing levels of affluence, will add to the weight of evidence supporting investment in physical activity promotion as part of the UK government's efforts to promote healthy lifestyles. The study, titled ‘The effect of physical activity on mortality and cardiovascular disease in 130 000 people from 17 high-income, middle-income, and low-income countries: the PURE study', ran between 2003 and 2010 with 168 916 participants. The summary of the finding was that "Higher recreational and non-recreational physical activity was associated with a lower risk of mortality and CVD events in individuals from low-income, middle-income, and high-income countries. Increasing physical activity is a simple, widely applicable, low cost global strategy that could reduce deaths and CVD in middle age."

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