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Kook Sool Won Demonstration At Marymas Fayre

27th August 2017

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Photograph of Kook Sool Won Demonstration At Marymas Fayre

The Thurso group of Kook Sool Won put on a demonstration for the crowd at Marymas Fayre on Saturday 26th August 2017.


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Kuk Sul Won Offer New Class and New Premises
Kuk Sul Won now launch a new class on From Monday 28th October at 10..00 - 11.00am and from new premises.   We are now meeting in E\'Shed Off Naver Road Thurso .  
Change of venue for Thurso Kuk Sool Won
The Kuk Sool Won, Thurso school have changed venue.   From now on they will be meeting on Monday and Wednesday nights in the Boys Brigade Hall and Friday nights in the Scrabster Hall.  

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