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Summer League 2002 - Week 16 Final Weeks Report

18th August 2002

The Monday Night League came to a close with the final round bringing a great deal of anticipation and some close final scores.

First up was Gutterlevel versus Gowks and the latter needed to take 15 of the available 20 points to squeeze into first place. Despite being a player down, they started in grand style by taking 7 of the first 10 points. However, Gutterlevel pulled out all the stops in the final game to secure the necessary points, and even anaged to run out overall winners by 11 points to 9. Top scores came from Gutterlevel's Robin Clarke with a 225 game and 563 series and Gowks' Stan grodnik with 558 pins.

Next up were Hitmen & Her against Wasters. Hitmen started out with all the right moves with a 4 point lead after game one, to which Wasters replied with a 4 point win in the second. Despite Wasters showing slightly better in the last game it was Hitmen who ended up on top with an 11 to 8 win. Best games from this match were a 201 and 204 from Hitmen's Gary Ross and Ally Gray and a 203 from Wasters' Denis Gallagher. Two players also scored 550+ series' with Kim Moore of Wasters hitting 555 and her opponent Michael Dunnett bowling 551 pins.

The final match saw Papa's Kids playing the vacancy scores and they took full advantage with a superb 19 - 1 win. Both Keith Wilson and Cliff Bell put away 200+ games with a 239 and a 217, and they both also had high series scores with 600 and 570 respectively.

So the final result of the Summer league finds Gutterlevel on top with 194 points, followed by Gowks in second with 182 and Hitmen & Her in third on 181. Papa's Kids and Wasters both ended up on 174 so effectively drew 4th place. The Winter league starts on the 16th September and the secretary will be in touch with all teams shortly.

Persons wishing to enter a team, or who would be interested in making up team numbers, for the Winter league should contact the bowling alley as soon as possible. The Winter league usually runs for 24 weeks and as many as 8 teams can play on each night. Leagues are played on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights so long as enough teams sign up.


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