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Caithness Waybaggers 2008 - 2009 Programme

30th August 2008

Loch Choire or Ben Klibreck
Two options here. A walk around Loch Choire through ancient woodland and along sandy beaches with a visit to a newly renovated bothy. Or Ben Klibreck. A Munro rising to 3156ft from the bare Sutherland moors. This is an 8.00am start. I have arranged a minibus for this trip. Cost 7.50 approx per person. Please let me know by 09.07.08 if you want to book a seat.

Glen Loth, Ben Dhorian & Ben Uarie
Glen Loth. 10 km south west of Helmsdale. Two hills in this peaceful glen 628 and 623 metres in height.

Srathan to Whiten Head
Strathan is approximately 9km north west of Tongue. A walk of 20kms approximately along a spectacular coastline with beautiful sea stacks at Whiten head. This is an 8.00am start. A minibus has been arranged for this trip. Cost is approximately 6.00 per person. Let me know by 03.09.08 if you want to book a seat.

Dunnet head
A walk of 12 km approximately round this spectacular headland. Start at Dwarick Pier and finish the walk at Brough on the east side.

Golspie to Loch Fleet
A short winters walk of 12 kms approximately along a quiet stretch of the Sutherland coastline.

Staxigoe to Reiss
Another coastal walk but his time nearer to home. A mixture of high cliffs and sandy beaches.

Loch Shurrery to Loch Tuim Ghlais
A walk of approximately 18kms along a good track into the heart land of Caithness.

Latheronwheel Strath
Starting at Latheronwheel Harbour we follow the burn of Latheronwheel up to Braehungie. From there to Ben A Chielt then follow the track down to Upper Latheron and back to Latheronwheel. 16kms approximately.

Loch More to Dirlot Castle
Starting at Loch More cottage. A walk down Thurso river to Dirlot Castle located in a beautiful gorge in the river. 10 kms approximately.

The Scarabens
Starting at Braemore a walk either south east or south west depending on the wind direction to the foot of the Scarabens and then a walk over the three hills highest 626 metres

Trip to Hoy
Details to be arranged later

Trip to Swona
Details to be arranged later

As usual we all meet in Somerfield car park, Wick at 9.00am unless stated otherwise. If this is not suitable for you phone me on 01955 604773. Please take a packed lunch and wear suitable clothing and footwear.


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