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Gymnastics In Wick P1 - P7

22nd August 2013

Photograph of Gymnastics In Wick P1 - P7

The benefits of gymnastics to a child
As with any sport, a childís health and fitness levels will also improve by taking part in gymnastics, helping to combat any signs of obesity or weight related issues from creeping in. With an increased exposure to physical exercise, body confidence will improve which in turn will promote self-esteem. With physical wellbeing comes an increase in confidence that drips into other areas of a childís life.

Gymnastics also challenges children mentally. As they progress through the stages, and the moves become more daring and challenging a child will need to acquire a self-belief that they can actually do it! Overcoming fears is a major confidence booster. Of course there are many physical benefits too. Gymnastics offers a total body conditioning workout, helping to build strong muscles and bones, increasing bone density. The stretching exercises will help keep a child supple for a long time too. Gymnastics is such a superb sport for a child to pursue for a number of reasons and the skills they learn will stay with them for a lifetime.

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